Awards and diplomas: Kharkov Grain Cleaning Plant, LLC, Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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Kharkov Grain Cleaning Plant, LLC
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Awards and diplomas Kharkov Grain Cleaning Plant, LLC

Kharkov Grain Cleaning Plant is constantly participating in international agricultural exhibitions and events., Where the managers of our company demonstrate the aerodynamic grain separators of the ISM, show the technique in operation and of course the quality of cleaning in different cultures. At such events, there is an exchange of experience with farmers and heads of agricultural activities. Thanks to this feedback Kharkov Grain Cleaning Plant always knows what grain-cleaning equipment is needed by a modern farmer.I also want to note that in 2018 our grain separator ISM-5 (Figure 1) was included in the record book of Ukraine, as a grain cleaning equipment that consumes the least amount of electricity.All our work, all that we produce and what we have achieved over the years, is all thanks to YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


awards and diplomas Kharkov Grain Cleaning Plant, LLC Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine